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                   Grandma, Kenz, Michele, and Michael                  Michele           Tony                  Kenz

Name: McKenzie Kate Westmore

Born and Raised In: San Fernando Valley, California

Birthday: April 26, 1977

Age: 24

          Michael Westmore ~Make-up artist who has won 9 Emmy's and an Oscar for the film Mask
    Marion Westmore:  Was a model for costume designer Edith Head..This is where Mac gets  her  Kenz's grandma, Kenz, Michele, Michael Jr.

Siblings: Michele (Sweetest person on earth!! Love her lots!! You are an AWESOME friend!!!) Married to Tony, a wonderful guy! Miami Dolphins rule, right Tony?!?!   Michael Jr. (heard he is just as nice and a very protective older bro)<----thanks Michele hehe :-) Married to Suzanne

Favorite Colors: Red, Purple, and Turquious

Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Rollerblading, drawing in her free time...

Interests: Collecting Angel figurines, candles , jewelry

Film Appearances: Rorbert DeNiro's daughter in the film Raging Bull (Age 3), Star Trek 9: Insurrection

TV Credits: NBC's Days of Our Lives, Star Trek Voyager, Weird Science, and Star Trek: The Next Generation , currently on Passions

Tranied In: Theater; includes the Lee Strasburg Institute and Uta Hagen Master Class. McKenzie is trained also in opera singing. She has appeared in Dido & Aneas, The Sound of Music, and Little Shop of Horrors

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