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Fanfest Pics

These pics are from Mary-PassionLady my very good friend!
Mary and Galen! Aw!

Mary are we drooling? Just joking!!!

Mary and McKenzie! Aww!

The whole TalkPassions Gang!

Michelle and Sue asking a question at the Q&A Session

Michelle and Galen doing a scene together!

Another picture of Michelle and Galen

Galen, Kim's friend, James

Galen in the middle of the tables, trying to get everyone's attention

Galen, Kimber, James, Erica

GO SHUIS Poster created by Stacey!

James, Amy (Joy's daughter) , Galen! Boy she is one lucky girl!!

Joyce, Galen, Kimber

Kay, Mary, Karen(Online Mom) hehe

Mary and Ben

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